Social Funnel
Spring 2023

Digital Peak Productions had an electrifying experience working on a project for our client WeGym. As a new brand in the fitness industry, WeGym needed a strong social media campaign to introduce their innovative electronic resistance band to the world.

We started by creating a main ad that showcased the unique features and benefits of the WeGym product, and from there, we developed seven micro-pieces that targeted specific audiences on social media. Our team knew that converting content is key to a successful social media campaign, so we made sure that each micro-piece highlighted the product's innovative technology and its ability to enhance workouts.

To bring the product to life, we also captured 200 photos displaying the WeGym electronic resistance band in action. The photos showcased the versatility of the product and helped potential customers envision how it could elevate their workouts.

Our team's ability to create content effectively and efficiently with our special package made the project a huge success. We at Digital Peak Productions were thrilled to be a part of such an exciting project, and we can't wait to see where WeGym goes next.